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Baby sun shades – Diabola: 0-18 months


Diabola shades are baby’s perfect first sunglasses: unbreakable, flexible, featherweight, reversible and they even adapt to fit babies as their noses grow.
This unique system means the shades can be worn in position One from 0-9 months then turned round into position Two from 9-18 months.

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DIABOLA’s key features:

-100% Unbreakable
-Unbreakable frame and lenses, perfectly designed for being handled by babies.

-100% protection
-Maximum protection polycarbonate lenses: category 4.
-Anti-UVA, anti-UVB, anti-UVC filter.
-3.2cm high lenses to completely protect children’s eyes.
-Ki ET LA’s added ExTrA: anti-blue light filter to reduce glare.

-100% safety
-Zigzag technology means an all-in-one frame: No hinges (no risk of getting caught in the hinges or swallowing small metal parts).
-New soft and comfortable cord.

-100% comfort

-Ergonomic, flexible, light and soft shades. They don’t put pressure on temples, squash their ears or squeeze their noses.
-Ergonomic “Asian fit” to suit wearers of Asian origin.

-100% eco-friendly

-Recyclable frame (excluding lenses).
-Reusable and recyclable cardboard packaging.

-100% smart

-The lenses in Ki ET LA shades can be replaced by corrective lenses. Ask your optician for advice.

DIABOLA shades come with:
-Cord for secure fastening, box and instructions.

-Guaranteed BPA-free.
-TPEE mono-injection frame.
-Polycarbonate lenses.

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