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Conception & Design


As creators of innovative accessories, Ki ET LA place the following at the forefront of its concerns  ergonomics, practicality, comfort and ethics (both in environmental terms and also regarding children) as well as attractiveness.

As our motto is resolutely PROTECTION WITH STYLE, we strive to provide:

  • Custom ergonomics, designed with the concerns of children, their activities and their morphology in mind (our sunglasses are suitable even for small Asian noses)
  • 100% safe accessories : our frames are unbreakable, our anti-UV hats anti-UV are cut from an attractive Oeko-Tex certified cotton…
  • Innovative technologies serving practicality:
    • Zig-zag technology / the hinges of our sunglasses have been designed on a straw-like model and prevent any risk of pinching or swallowing of small parts
    • reversible model for babies: our DIABOLA frame was designed to adjust to the changes in the nose which take between 0 and 9 months of age and then between 9 and 18 months. Its reversibility therefore makes it suitable for this morphological stage
    • A unique fastening system for our hats designed to create a single HAT + SUNGLASSES product: slots on the front and back of the hat in which the sunglasses cord slides
  • Lines and cuts in the interest of comfort and protection :
    • Our sunglasses are designed to suit morphologies, from 0 to 6 years of age (4 forms including 1 reversible to provide optimum eye cover of children according to their age…)
    • Our anti-UV hats meet a real need for protection : The sunshade function to point the hat’s wide edge towards the face or the shoulders of small children according to their activity and their exposure, our Very High Protection index UPF 50+…)
  • Innovative materials : our cotton is anti-UV treated on both sides of our hats; they are lightweight and dry quickly; our frames are very flexible, ultra-lightweight and above all very soft (perfect for the delicate skin of babies).


Our know-how, our inspiration and our style… are 100% French! The design of our products could thus only be Frenchy and even Paris-based!

A few examples:

  • Our design is unique and our style aims to be timeless façon in a casual chic Parisian way
  • The patterns used throughout our collection of hats are unique
  • 100% of the fabrics are designed in France in our creative studio in the centre of the capital
  • Our inspiration draws on the centre of the capital; which gives our range of accessories a certain retro-vintage charm
  • Our accessories are also inspired by high fashion:
    • Iconic hats following fashion trends: Panama vs Wide-brimmed hat
    • Forms of sunglasses for 100% fashion looks : Pantos or pilot
    • Trendy and novel colours: Emerald, coral, pink, menthol, duck blue…
  • Our artistic director was trained in the eyewear heartland, the Jura department


coupe-verteThe conception and design of our products are among our top priorities. It takes several months of research and development to provide an optimum response to the needs of the parents of our consumers.

This teamwork has received several labels and awards. We are proud to share them with you:

Award for design:

Our fashion accessory won the won the Janus label awarded by the Institut Français du Design: the KAPEL hat – in the “Fashion” category – for its attractiveness, its ergonomics, its price, its eco-friendly approach and its appropriate response to the well-being of small children.

Tester parent award:

The Top Label was awarded to DIABOLA sunglasses by the Conso Baby online website.Tested and approved by tester parents from the famous website, they were awarded the first prize in their category.

Design award:

We received the Strategic Design Award from the Ecole de Design Nantes Atlantique for the creation of adjustable, unbreakable sunglasses: the DIABOLA range.

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