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The well-being of children cannot be raised without including eco-responsibility ! This is why we are committed to adopting a genuine eco-friendly approach to reduce our environmental footprint.
Our commitment is twofold :

1 Preserve our environment and the planet for future generations

2 Adopt an educational approach towards children

• Our packaging packagings and our packing materials emballages are recyclable

• Our products are not “over-packaged” (no blister pack or overuse of plastic)

• The frame of our sunglasses (excluding the lenses) is fully recyclable

• The cotton of our textile range is guaranteed to be free of substances that are harmful for the environment and the planet, through the Oeko-Tex certification

• Our sunglasses are sold in a small pouch made of organic cotton

• Our products meet all the European standards and our sunglasses are guaranteed to be free from Bisphenol A A

• Our accessories provide protection against the damaging effects of the sun and its rays to allow kids to enjoy nature and outdoor play

• Our tools focus on prevention prevention to ensure that simple gestures (such as wearing sunglasses or a hat, even in overcast weather) become a reflex

• Our creation is local… The design of our products is based in Paris, in our creative studio, in the heart of the Sentier district


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