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The brand spirit


Playing, running, jumping, dancing non-stop, singing, and most of all having fun till they drop, laughing their heads off, moving about, thinking about nothing else than living life to the full: this childlike spirit is what inspires us. All our collections are, as such, designed to perfectly adapt to kids and to their high-energy lifestyle.

Style and ingeniousness

OUT with fabrics that make you itch, sticky materials, shades that leave a mark and tight-fitting hats... our products are designed to give kids a whole lot of style and high-tech design. They're ever-so savvy for parents and ultra- comfortable for kids. Because what counts for us is that kids and adults alike can enjoy each moment, while we take care of protecting them!

A fabulous tale...

Anne-Charlotte Le Grand and David Angibaud are the fantastic duo at the helm of Ki ET LA. Anne-Charlotte is the Artistic Director and Designer, encouraging Ki ET LA to reinvent itself for each new collection. David is the Export Sales Director constantly developing the brand beyond France. Since 2010, this absolutely complementary artistic and sales duo have powered this small Pornic-based business to the top of the sun protection market, making it an undeniable leader in its field.

Anne-Charlotte Le Grand

Co-founder and Artistic Director

A highly-curious and creative young mum, Anne-Charlotte loves making new discoveries. Be it fashion (yes, she's a shoes addict!), theater, travel, cooking or DIY, she's always on the outlook for opportunities to broaden her horizons and whisk her partner and her daughter Madeleine off with her into this marvelous creative whirlwind.

David Angibaud

Co-founder and Export Sales Director

Bursting with incredible energy, David is always eager for new challenges. He draws his strength from his Breton origins (which he proclaims with pride!) and from his wonderful family (full of energy too): Lily-Rose, Léon and his wife Anne-Gaëlle.