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Ki et la commitments

Our values


Because we can’t talk about kids’ wellness without respecting their planet, Ki ET LA is committed to an ethical, citizen and environmental approach. As such, we strive step-by-step to reduce our ecological footprint by forever enhancing our products, by perfecting the way they’re made as well as their packaging.


  • the fabric used in our swimwear and hats is 100% Oeko-Tex-certified. This label guarantees that our fabrics contain no substances harmful to people or the environment,
  • the Anti-UV treatment used in our textile/fabric collections is free from chemical substances and naturally protects children, coral and fish,
  • the frames of our sun shades and their packaging are made from recyclable materials,
  • we ensure we don’t overpackage and we use fully-recyclable cardboard for shipping our parcels,
  • our display stands are made from sustainable, recyclable materials,

…and as for tomorrow, we’re eager to hear your ideas and we’re doubling our efforts to offer you the most optimal product quality possible, one that is good for our children and good for our planet!

Design & Innovation

Design and innovation are the center of our attention. Our role is to create innovational, functional and attractive products: child-usable, child-friendly, in tune with their lifestyle and their look.

Our efforts have been rewarded by several different labels and awards:

  • Already honored with a Janus de la mode (Fashion award) for our Kapel hat, we have just been awarded a Janus de la santé 2018 (health award) for our newly released CraZyg-Zag shades for kids.
  • We were awarded the Trophée du Design Stratégique (Strategic Design Award) from the École de Design Nantes Atlantique for the design of our modular, unbreakable Diabola shades.
  • We also received two Top Labels by parent-testers on the ConsoBaby online product review site. Our Diabola sun shades and our Kapel hat were given top marks by parents in the “Sun shades for Babies” and “Anti-UV protection” categories respectively.

Respect for all

At Ki ET LA, we don’t joke with children’s wellness: all our products are designed with little ones’ comfort and freedom in mind, through our choice of ever-so soft, ever-so light materials, which don’t press down on their skin and which let them live life to the full.


Our sun shade frames are all ultra-flexible, perfectly designed for being handled by even the tiniest hands. Our hats are fastened with savvy straps to keep them perfectly in place yet ensure kids are fully-protected whilst offering them total freedom of movement. Our ever-so soft swimwear is easy to slip on and feels like second, ultra-protective skin. Our loose-fit terrycloth cape wraps kids up and warms them after a swim and ensures they’re perfectly UV-protected.


With Ki ET LA, kids can move, jump, run, swim, dance totally freely yet be perfectly protected… and super-styled!!!


We are committed to using our health-related expertise to inform young parents around the globe of the damage the sun and blue light can cause. As such, you will discover on our website and alongside all our in-store displays (offered in over 25 languages), advice on prevention and the precautions to take to protect babies and children.


We also support and are proactive in the campaigns initiated by the French NGO Opticiens Lunetiers Sans Frontières (Opticians-Spectacle Makers Without Borders) which strives on a daily basis to combat visual impairment by setting up fully-equipped optical centers, training local technicians and offering glasses to hospitals and clinics. Through Opticiens Lunetiers Sans Frontières’ actions, over 2.3 million people have benefited from care tailored to their individual eyesight problems in Cameroon, Madagascar, Togo, Senegal, Mauritania, Southern Morocco, Haiti and soon-to-come in South-East Asia in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.


To find out more about Opticien Lunetiers Sans Frontières click here: