Ki ET LA the serious brand that doesn't take itself seriously!

Play, run, jump, dance without stopping, sing, and above all have fun as much as you can, laugh without constraint, be free to move, think of nothing other than enjoying life full of teeth: it is this childish spirit that inspires us. All our collections are designed to adapt perfectly to the child and their hectic lifestyle.

Aesthetics and ingenuity

OUT the scratchy materials, the sticky fabrics, the sunglasses that mark, the hats that tighten... our products are designed to offer children a nice concentrate of style and technicality. They are clever for parents and ultra comfortable for children. Because what matters to us is that young and old alike enjoy every moment, we take care of protection!”

The beautiful story

The amazing duo at the head of Ki ET LA is Anne-Charlotte Le Grand and David Angibaud. Anne-Charlotte is artistic director and designer and pushes Ki ET LA to reinvent itself with each new collection. David is export sales director and is constantly developing the brand beyond our borders. An artistic and commercial duo which complement each other perfectly and which, since 2010, has propelled the small company from Pornic to the top of the list in the sun protection market.


    Co-founder & artistic director

    A curious and creative young mother, Anne-Charlotte loves making new discoveries. Whether it's fashion (yes, she's a shoes addict!), theater, travel, cooking or DIY, she is always ready to broaden her horizons and bring her husband and 2 children into this wonderful whirlwind.


    Co-founder & sales director

    Brimming with incredible energy, David is always up for new challenges. He draws his strength from his Breton origins (proudly claimed, mind you!) and his pretty little family (just as energetic as him): Lily-Rose, Léon and his wife Anne-Gaëlle.