Mix & Match

Immerse yourself in a world of bold and fun combinations, where parents and children can match their sunglasses with a unique flair. It's the ideal place to explore ultra stylish duos, from parent-child mix and match to coordinated looks with anti-UV hats and caps to protect our little adventurers, in all circumstances!

Get ready to reveal your fun side and create unforgettable ensembles that reflect the uniqueness of each family member. Let your imagination run wild, because with us, every day is a new chance to shine in harmony! 🌟

papa et fils portant solaire woam

WOAM FAMILY: Mix & Match so seventies!

Welcome to the retro-chic world of WOAM FAMILY, where mix & match becomes the new family mantra, resolutely seventies! Inspired by the iconic fashion of this decade, the WOAM is much more than a pair of sunglasses, it is a true style standard for the whole family.

Imagine matching looks, from parents to toddlers, seamlessly merging generations in a retro and trendy atmosphere. The WOAM FAMILY embodies the coolness of the 70s, with frames with trendy shapes and colors that transport you to an era of freedom and creativity.

For us, mix&match is not just a trend, it's a way of life! So, put on your WOAM with your family, release your seventies spirit, and let the magic of matchy matchy work. The WOAM FAMILY, a journey through time where each member of the family becomes a style icon.

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The CAMPER CAP and the FIVE PANEL CAP, our anti-UV caps will be your essential allies to protect your children from the sun's rays with panache. Much more than an accessory, they become the ideal and ultra stylish accomplice of our unbreakable sunglasses.

And that's not all ! The CAMPER CAP, with its clever attachment system, adds a touch of practical genius. Attach your sunglasses to your child's cap in a single movement, combining ease of use and prevention against loss. No more hassle, children keep their glasses within reach, or rather, within reach of their cap!

Discover the art of combining style and protection with the Anti-UV Cap and Sunglasses set, because at Ki ET LA, we believe that every adventure under the sun should be synonymous with fun and safety.

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Immerse yourself in the charm of the sun with our sunglasses and our anti-UV hat, the CAMPER HAT. This anti-UV hat is much more than just sun protection, it is the ideal partner for our unbreakable children's sunglasses.

The CAMPER HAT, with its design inspired by the great outdoors and its GOTS certified organic cotton, offers natural UPF50+ protection and unrivaled comfort. The icing on the cake is that this anti-UV hat becomes the vigilant guardian of our glasses. Thanks to its ingenious attachment system, attach your sunglasses to the CAMPER HAT in a single gesture, combining ease of use and prevention against misplacement. No more hassle, children keep their glasses within reach, perfectly matching their hat!

Discover the art of combining style and protection with the Anti-UV Hat and Sunglasses set, because at Ki ET LA, every adventure under the sun is an opportunity to shine in complete safety.

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